The Other People Place – Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe

Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Downtempo
Year: 2001


[00:00] Eye Contact
[05:30] It’s Your Love
[13:01] Moonlight Rendezvous
[20:08] You Said You Want Me
[24:31] Let Me Be Me
[32:17] Running From Love
[38:07] Lifestyles Of The Casual
[43:37] Sunrays


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Comment (48)

  1. I am amazed by Eye contact, jeez this track is pure genius. Life style of the casual is just a killer track as Let me be me or its your love (that's keeping me soaring)

  2. I was in amsterdam, and i ordered an uber. I asked the guy if he could turn on some music, suz we where talking about music. He whipped out this cd and told me it was from his younger days. He gave me the damn cd.
    This is amazing shit


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