Liebherr – Mobile and Crawler Cranes: 3 things an operator needs to consider

A Must for all crane operators:

Strong wind and especially gusts can be really dangerous during a crane job. We want to raise awareness about this topic to secure working with mobile and crawler cranes. Take a moment and have look at this movie!

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  1. Tensiometer is what I would use that way when wind reaches over 20 mph it shuts you down for safety of course. You scope out what boon length you decide to use for your radius. For those that don’t know that the center of the turn table to the center of gravity. What your hooked to.

  2. "coming up with something at some stage"….here's one"
    Add near to work….."field air buffers, made out of lightweight materials" for slowing down wind velocities or redirecting the wind. Simple, easy…and I'm not a rocket scientist.

  3. I have 50ton mobile crane but i like 300 ton lebour crane i am working in dubai anybody have chance to give a upto 100 ton lebour mobile crane plz contact me

  4. 3 things to consider out of 3000. When you get the basics then its time to simplify "dumb it down" Where ya gonna put your lunch box? Got a cup holder? Wanna have the guys park Harleys in your swing circle and you know you got leaks? That's the different thoughts of a Newb and a seasoned operator.


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