Abandoned Double wide Mobile Home with huge Pond

Property is NOT listed for sale! I do not give out locations – please don’t ask. I couldn’t resist exploring this property despite not really being interested in mobile homes. I first noticed this place about six years earlier – always overgrown and no activity. I have family that live in a mobile home so I know that they can make for comfortable living so I have nothing against them – I just feel that they don’t offer the unique form of living that a true old house has to offer. Obviously this is a large home, offering four bedrooms, two dining areas and a family room as well as living room. The former owner was remodeling, but apparently had to stop – or ran out of money. This could make a great property though, the pond – or small lake – a definite plus. Please do not ask the location… like many other explorers, I do not give out that information. Also, derogatory comments and foul language will be deleted.

Hope you enjoyed watching!


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