Must Have Teacher Apps!

I have been thinking for awhile about doing my favorite apps for teachers and now that I have 1:1 iPad for my students, it seemed like the perfect time!

These Apps are ones that I either use in my classroom or will start using this year! I have had a chance to use dozens of teaching apps and these are a few of my favorites.

A Special Thanks to ‘Wheel Decide’ for sponsoring this video! Please go download the app for FREE and I believe you will find it well worth the $.99 to unlock the premium features. The FREE version offers everything you need to have fun, but the premium version helps the kids to make it their own!

1. Confer
2. Wheel Decide –
3. Notability
4. Seesaw


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  1. Thanks for your video, Bridget! I am an ELA teacher as well. I like that you mentioned trying to get organized and get rid of the clutter. I think sometimes individual teachers think they are the only ones that are struggling with keeping up with everything. This year, I am at a campus with 1:1 laptops. However, next year I will be at a school where students do not have laptops or iPads. I still want to have a way for students to communicate and get information via their home computers or phones and to keep parents in the loop. I definitely want to see if I can use Confer to my advantage. In regards to notetaking, do you think Notability is more effective than simply having meeting folders in Google Drive or using OneNote? Since you already have an iPad, would using Evernote be just as effective? I would love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Why can't I find all of these apps I am starring to get frustrated😦😒.Do it have to be on certain device please let. Me know because I really need it thank you so much bye.😄✌

  3. Thanks for sharing your apps. I had only heard of SeeSaw, but haven't made time to research it. I love that you demonstrate how to use the app while you speak. I'm downloading now!

  4. I am going to make an app recommendation. First of all, I am not a teacher, I am a student, but for you teachers, Remind is an amazing app for communicating to students/parents. They can also just receive text notifications and not get the app. My history teacher uses this and it's so great for projects/tests/homework/school wide activities, it's just a great app for student and parent communication.


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