Chilling Prison Moments Caught On Camera

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Comment (41)

  1. Make guards, medical staff and prison employees accountable for their actions (or lack there of). If you neglect inmates and fail to take potentially life threatening situations seriously, you should be held responsible for these people's deaths. Huge cash settlements to families do nothing to prevent these situations from reoccurring. Better training, higher standards for employment, better wages… All would help in improving standards and prison treatment. None of these, however, are more paramount than actual human compassion. Character screening should be mandatory on a far higher level than what it is.

  2. Personally I blame everyone for there own actions. The prisoners for doing the crime the prison guards for being horrible human beings. Humans killing humans. What must our creators think of us. I’ll tell you what they think. They have already sent the meteorite our way. It’s over for our kind.

  3. Worst than ennything enny organized crime on the streets r what these sick people obviously bulliyed at skhool, and for good reson, cunt gurds have done shows u how clinical and heartless the system is

  4. If I was a member of that guy's family that was tied to the chair and died from a blood clot I wouldn't have been satisfied till every single person in that video was in jail for life. I would have made sure to tell the judge that directly in the courtroom in front of everyone.

  5. Prisoners should be wearing a device that shocks like a dog. It should be constructed to record video and audio for the time the prisoner is in prison. When they leave a copy goes with the prisoner or to the family if they don’t make it out….

  6. Having been a CO, my sympathy is thin here. You are showing scenes from prison without the facts leading to them. Most CO's are decent people trying to get a thankless job done while protecting the public from these animals. Mistakes are sometimes made, but the reality is that these killers, pedos, rapists, etc are OFF the street. They made their choice and gave up their humanity.

  7. Myself and nearly 30 other people watched a guy die in general population in pinellas county jail. The poor guy had been complaining of chest pains for a day or two, called his mother from the phone before lockdown and told her he thought he was having a heart attack. The deputies had put him in an isolation cell prior to the night he died for faking chest pains. He was moved back to our unit and died being ignored while banging on the bars for help. He just collapsed and died.

  8. I had the unfortunate experience of living through what happened in London ON. We have the WORST prisons, detention centers, and jails. Not to mention the murder of a young lady called Ashley Smith as a direct result of the actions (INACTIONS, really) of people who we entrust to keep prisoners safe. Thanks for featuring it in your video, Canada loves to cover up EVERYTHING.

  9. prison staff are the most disgusting sadistic people on earth …. You'll find out real fast what kind of people you dealling with in prison , and i don't mean the prisoners …. Fucking monsters …..

  10. I would enjoy taking out these sick F#@Ks ,, especially the guards. It's easy enough to find out who they are and where they live


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