PUBG Mobile Pro Tips: SOUND vs. SIGHT

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Many players in PUBG Mobile rely mainly on their eyes to give them a full picture of the battlefield. In reality, SOUND is the primary sense you’ll need to locate enemies! Watch today’s tips & also see how many other positioning and movement tricks you can find!

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  1. Me and my class mate play i said whats better scar-l or m16a4 he said scar i said go get the scar i will get the m16 we have 6 enemies he just killed 1 and i killed 5 hahaha when the last circle is there my enemy he see and he hide in the bush then i said to my classmate not to go there and he died theres only two left me and the enemy and i was no way i gonna die here i hate being alone the after 4 seconds boom 💥 did i just won hahahahaha i think that was the last guy 🤔 thinking


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